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Photo by Josh Ravin

Umbrellas are popping up in bars all over town. Tiki drinks—rum-inspired cocktails mixed with fresh juices—are making a comeback, and aren’t just being gulped by old guys in Tommy Bahama shirts. Read more

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Photo by John Dole

Has there ever been a restaurant or bar in your neighborhood you've passed a bazillion times, but never went in? Whatever the reason—maybe it has an odd location, or odd-looking menu items—you just neglected to pay a visit? Well, for me, S&... Read more

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Photo by Lyudmila Zotova

In a city with so many sunny days, the weather practically pre-ordains that morning or afternoon brunching is part of your weekend daily grind. Though a break from the oppressive heat (speaking with San Diego bias and perspective) would be ... Read more

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Photo courtesy of Johnny Rivera

The Tractor Room (3687 Fifth Ave.) is one of a kind. Most people can remember their first experience in this dark and alluring Hillcrest spot—whether it was for a first date, or to enjoy a hearty and indulgent brunch. Read more

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Photo courtesy of The Butcher Shop

We'd never engage in a naughty affair, but if you do there's definitely an out-of-the-way bar for that. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Bankers Hill Bar Restaurant

Ever looked at a cocktail menu and noticed the word "skinny" listed next to your favorite drink? I've always wondered if that option would help me fit into my skinny jeans better, or if it's just a Splenda-filled gimmick. Read more

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Photo by Eugene Lee

While gringos and gringas party it up for Cinco de Mayo because they think it's Mexican Independence Day (for the love of Quetzalcoatl, it's not) you can independently celebrate one of Mexico's finest creations: mezcal. Read more

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Photo by Michelle Poveda

While watching the news last month, I wondered if our newfound friendliness with Cuba had inspired any local bartenders. After 50 years, we now have a U.S. Embassy in Havana, Carnival Cruises will voyage there in May, and President Obama ju... Read more

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Photo courtesy of Rancho Bernardo Inn

Leave the wearing of the green to the amateur-hour St. Patrick's Day revelers and focus like a true Irish lad or lass on the real spirit of the day: whiskey. Read more

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