Ombretta Di Dio


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Steffanie Strathdee is the associate dean of global health sciences at UC San Diego School of Medicine. more

People of the Year

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Photo by Julien Bourgeois

Deeply immersed in motherhood, aware of her self-worth and grateful for the women around her. This is the Chan Marshall behind Wanderer, her 10th full-length album as Cat Power. more

Music Feature

It’s an old refrain. People have been saying it since the ’60s, but apparently now it’s real: Rock ‘n’ roll is dead. And electric guitars aren’t feeling too well either. more

Music Feature


Photo by Sharisse Coulter

For most queens, coronations are once-in-a-lifetime celebrations, but local hip-hop artist MC Flow wants to keep her special, cannabis-infused party going for as long as she can. more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

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Photo by Hollie Fernando

The multiple faces of womanhood and all the experiences that come with it—from friendship and sex to love and assault—are mirrored in each of the songs on Dream Wife. more

Music Feature


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Many political podcasts have popped up since the 2016 election, and Mueller, She Wrote is unique in the regard that it aims to help listeners navigate the intricate roads of the Trump-Russia investigation. more