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A first glance at Carlitos Galvan's work might give the impression of being created by several different photographers. For the nine years he's been taking pictures, the 25-year-old Galvan has mastered quite a number of styles. more

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"Dude's beard is on fire!" That was our general immediate reaction to Jason Bang's submission to our photo contest this year, which ended up winning first place. more

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Known for his gripping novels like Call of the Wild and White Fang, Jack London is typically tied to words. But insight into the mind of the literary legend doesn't stop at pen and paper.... more

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Dancers have long been the focus of photographers' lenses, and while the outcome is often a beautiful frozen moment capturing a great act of athleticism, it's rare that I'd categorize the work as fine art.Enter <a href="http://... more

Jan 6, 2012 12:00 AM Culture

Last night, San Diego suffered what's been called (by me) the deepest, darkest, most pervasive blackout in regional history (though I hear Kinsee Morlan personally has had a few that might qualify). So, what do you do you in a outa... more

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Here, we present those three winners, along with nine runners-up that we thought were the best of the entries—one of which won our first-ever readers poll. more

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