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When it comes to arts education, museums and their curatorial staff have the ability to send powerful messages to attendees, especially young people, through the artists they choose to include in their hallowed halls. more

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Although some of the states have made it legal to grow, distribute and purchase both medicinal and recreational cannabis, the federal regulatory system is a different story. more



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“We can change the dominant narrative through the arts and photography, especially when we work with kids of color and kids who are displaced and who don’t necessarily always have a voice at the table,” states AjA Director Anjanette Maraya-Ramey. more

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In this new series of columns, I plan on investigating how the local arts community is feeding its young, so to speak, and creating opportunities for kids who can’t afford fancy art camps and private schools. more

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In San Diego, the younger set are starting to form collectives to make their voices heard and find strength in numbers, especially in the arts, where public and financial support is constantly wavering. more

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Craig Abenilla is interested in stories, and not the multiple stories of boring luxury high-rises. more

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Larry Baza has a lifelong passion for the arts, as evidenced by his nearly four decades of experience as an arts administrator. more

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There are some small but mighty communities on the outskirts of our own fair city that are making some major contributions to the arts. more

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Accompanied by a thriving local economy, this interconnection of neighborhoods can also lend a sense of living in a real city, rather than a collection of suburbs and shopping malls linked by freeways. more

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Good art is a contagion. It grabs hold of the senses, latches on to the mind-body-spirit and travels along neural pathways and into the bones more

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Over the next few columns I intend to look at how our vision for a more artistically engaged cityscape might take shape. more

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Crowdfunding, just like any other form of raising capital to back one’s dreams, is a mixed bag. Even if goals are met, there are fees to pay (Kickstarter charges five percent in addition to payment processing fees). more

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Who is she? Poellnitz is a community organizer and curator who runs Hill Street Country Club, an art space in Oceanside that operates out of a golf apparel headquarters on Coast Highway. more

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For the uninitiated, the controversy in Boyle Heights surrounds the onslaught of art galleries taking advantage of cheap rents in the neighborhood and how their lack of inclusion of the local community is problematic. more

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I moved from here to San Francisco and then to New York City, and I really didn’t think I’d be back, let alone loving the beach culture and art scene. Looks like I’m here to stay, and here are 15 reasons why. more

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So while I like the idea of the fight to make art and that limited resources can inspire creativity and collectivity, at what point do we stand up and ask for more? more

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I’m going to use this first attempt, in what I hope will be an ongoing series of columns, to demystify funding processes. more

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Diversity. Community. Local. Arts institutions often use these buzzwords in mission statements and press releases to make themselves seem relevant and accessible to the public. But actions speak louder than words. more

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I’ll never forget the day I became a cinephile. I was studying theater, thinking I wanted to direct plays, when my freshman year roommate told me I needed to come see her film professor lecture. more

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Recently, I attended the second annual Tijuana Zine Fest and was completely blown away by what was hands down the best organized arts event I’ve been to on the West Coast. more

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