Restaurant Guide 2019

Brewer_s Breakfast Stout and margherita pizza at Gravity Heights(2)forweb.jpg

Photo by Beth Demmon

San Diego may be better known for our beer scene than our food scene, but that’s changing. Read more

Restaurant Guide

DE_Filet_Lobster_0046_Courtesy of Del Friscos Double Eagle Steakhouseforweb.jpg

Image courtesy of Del Friscos Double Eagle Steakhouse

San Diego is having a bona fide steak moment. In the last few years, not only have a variety of buzzy new names opened up in downtown, but old standards continue to fill seats as well. Read more

Restaurant Guide

Grass Skirt - Egg Mcmuffin 1(17 of 30)forweb.jpg

Image courtesy of The Grass Skirt

Breakfast and brunch spots in San Diego are a dime a dozen at this point. A town that revolves around tourism and the hospitality industry, San Diego tends to have people with flexible schedules and more free time during the day than in other city. Read more

Restaurant Guide

El Pueblito and El Bombero.jpg

All photos by Michael Gardiner

CityBeat food critic Michael Gardiner is as comfortable in a little known dive as he is in the newest fine-dining restaurant. Here are a few highlights from his local foodie adventures from the past year. Read more

Restaurant Guide