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Ryan Bradford lives and writes in San Diego. He is the author of Horror Business. more

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Ryan Bradford is a writer. The problem, he says, is that these days, most writing gigs are for websites that call stories “content,” and search-engine optimization—not creativity, or even quality—is the goal. more

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Once again, the ass-end of summer is upon us and, alongside it, movies that cater to an audience that has developed a tolerance to spectacle. more


I didn’t expect to catch World Cup fever on my family trip to England. Not only am I a rec league soccer drop-out, but I’m among the Americans who call football “soccer.” more

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To young ears infatuated with bubbly hits like “Video Killed the Radio Star” and “I Melt With You,” The Fixx presented something darker, something post-apocalyptic. more

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I pull into the SDCCU stadium’s parking lot a little after 1 p.m. and the thermostat in my car says 80-something. One thing I do remember about Warped Tour: it’s always hot, like it brings its own climate. more

Well, That Was Awkward


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Only those with darkest hearts will not be touched by the orchestrated version of my favorite Beach Slang song, “Dirty Cigarettes.” Bring someone whose hand you can hold during this show, and maybe an extra pack of tissues. more

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I do enjoy the company of others, but it’s when you’re alone that you can make the best bad decisions and in these desperately social times, I think people forget this fact. more

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Everyone and their mother has tried a Long Island Iced Tea or a Jack and Coke; I wanted to find drinks that were a little more complex. Good news, fellow Cokeheads, because I found some. more

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Don’t forget the beer: The step toward becoming a good griller is barrelling through the self-doubt that keeps you from achieving your potential. Alcohol will allow you to do this. more

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Last year’s I Love You Like A Brother turned out to be one of my favorite albums of 2017 not only because it was catchy as hell, but it also displayed an emotional honesty that young artists rarely show. more

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All photos by Ryen Schlegel unless otherwise noted

It’s hard to explain my love for the Salton Sea. Yes, it’s weird, but it’s also sad in a distinctly American way. more

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It’s funny how you can connect specific moments in your life to the music that was released during that time. more

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Then, the candy kicks in. Hard. And three successive events send me into a shame spiral. more

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However, despite their musical differences, both acts are lovers at heart. In fact, Built To Spill’s classic album There’s Nothing Wrong With Love could be the title of the thesis on both bands. more

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Day 1: So this is one of those “computers” everyone is talking about, right? Ha ha. Just kidding. I know what a computer is. Enjoy your vacation, Carolyn! This paper is safe in my handss [sic]. more

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One thing that Face to Face had (and still has) going for them is a sense of introspection. When other bands were raging against the system, Face to Face were raging against themselves. more

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Oh God. I’ve upset the Fonz. The coolest, most delightful man in showbiz, and I’ve managed to piss him off. more

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I still stand by that proclamation I made nearly 14 years ago: Whoever invented the forty is a genius. For college students, artists, beach bums and countless other cash-strapped demographics, the 40 represents cheap fun. more

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It seems that Chromeo was idolizing Hall & Oates long before it was cool, and that influence plays heavily into their music. And that’s dope. more

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I’m not trying to be facetious when it comes to Eastern medicine or alternative forms of treatment. Honest. I try to keep an open mind, but I’m partial to the things that have worked for me in the past. And what’s worked for me is drugs. more

Well, That Was Awkward

It’s easy to overlook the impact that Sir Mix-A-Lot has played on modern culture. more

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