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Ryan Bradford lives and writes in San Diego. He is the author of Horror Business. more

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Ryan Bradford is a writer. The problem, he says, is that these days, most writing gigs are for websites that call stories “content,” and search-engine optimization—not creativity, or even quality—is the goal. more

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One thing that Face to Face had (and still has) going for them is a sense of introspection. When other bands were raging against the system, Face to Face were raging against themselves. more

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Oh God. I’ve upset the Fonz. The coolest, most delightful man in showbiz, and I’ve managed to piss him off. more

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I still stand by that proclamation I made nearly 14 years ago: Whoever invented the forty is a genius. For college students, artists, beach bums and countless other cash-strapped demographics, the 40 represents cheap fun. more

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It seems that Chromeo was idolizing Hall & Oates long before it was cool, and that influence plays heavily into their music. And that’s dope. more

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I’m not trying to be facetious when it comes to Eastern medicine or alternative forms of treatment. Honest. I try to keep an open mind, but I’m partial to the things that have worked for me in the past. And what’s worked for me is drugs. more

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It’s easy to overlook the impact that Sir Mix-A-Lot has played on modern culture. more

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Like every other Southern Californian, few things get me angrier than having to walk. more

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But it’s not just Doyle's impressive career that’s so captivating, it’s his entire being. First off, the dude looks like an undead WWF wrestler: huge, ripped and scary. more

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Admittedly, before attending the San Diego Bird Festival, I had not recently spent a lot of time thinking about crows. more

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I’ve been a fan of headliners The Coathangers ever since I saw them nearly upstage Refused when they opened for the seminal hardcore band a couple years ago. more

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It’s watching these little interactions that first turns me onto the notion that my cats are living out their own little home-invasion story. more

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In an industry that has a reputation for exploitation and nefarious practices, Hughes is a grounding force, ultimately doing her part to keep women safe. more

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Chuck Ragan and his music are examples of healthy masculinity. And while it’s a slippery slope to try and define that without sounding exclusionary, everything that Ragan produces sounds insular, weighty, loud and lonely. more

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Fourteen years after The Killers blew their load on the popular, Hot Fuss—an album almost too catchy for its own good—one might wonder how the Vegas foursome is even still a band. more

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Ghost-hunting and fine dining at Hotel del Coronado more

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“This is a question for all the gentlemen,” Danzig says. A roar of deep whoos fills the stadium. “Have you ever felt like killing your girlfriend?” Whoooa—uh, what? more

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Indie rock from the aughts has not aged well. But unlike Clap Your Hands Say Yeah or Animal Collective, I’ll still listen to Wolf Parade. more

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Before you get too cozy with your fresh new outlook in the year 2018, join me on the downward spiral by revisiting some of the tiny awkward moments of the previous year. more

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At many times throughout my life, I’ve considered Alkaline Trio to be my favorite band. more

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