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Ryan Bradford lives and writes in San Diego. He is the author of Horror Business. more

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Ryan Bradford is a writer. The problem, he says, is that these days, most writing gigs are for websites that call stories “content,” and search-engine optimization—not creativity, or even quality—is the goal. more

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I love Eleanor Friedberger’s solo stuff. It feels timeless, like Beach Boys pop with a little goth and Fiery Furnaces experimentation peppered in. more

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“In the future,” Binder recalls the doctor saying, “people will have to work harder to make themselves indispensible.” Out of this warped bootstrap view of the world, The Absolved was born. more

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I have a theory that a place is defined by its horror stories. What is a house without a ghost? What is a structure that isn’t inhabited by death, ghosts and the things that we fear? It’s just that: a structure without history. A big empty. more

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This year KAABOO is... very decent. more

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It’s been a hell of a summer, and it’s charred my once-benign outlook. And I’ve decided to have enemies now. more

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When I was in sixth grade, there were few things more terrifying to me than Marilyn Manson. more

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A couple weeks ago, I received an award from the Society of Professional Journalists for the writing I do in this fine publication. To be more specific, I won the Herbert Lockwood “Woody” Award, which is a hilariously-named award for humor writing. more

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As I understand it, the diet allows you to only eat what a caveman would eat. This means: meat, fruits, nuts and veggies. You know, hunting and gathering. more

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Edgington throws overhand. He throws underhand. He throws overhand and underhand simultaneously—each new thwack cutting away the notion that I have anything as cool as axe skills to offer the world. more

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Unngfff, Comic-Con. It’s a haven of sexiness, a mecca for lustfulness. How can anyone even walk around the convention center without their pants suddenly feeling weird? I don’t know! more

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It was inevitable. We hoped that it wouldn’t happen. Crossed our fingers. Prayed. But in our heart of hearts, we knew that it was bound to happen: The Offspring and 311 are touring together. more

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Once again, the ass-end of summer is upon us and, alongside it, movies that cater to an audience that has developed a tolerance to spectacle. more


I didn’t expect to catch World Cup fever on my family trip to England. Not only am I a rec league soccer drop-out, but I’m among the Americans who call football “soccer.” more

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To young ears infatuated with bubbly hits like “Video Killed the Radio Star” and “I Melt With You,” The Fixx presented something darker, something post-apocalyptic. more

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I pull into the SDCCU stadium’s parking lot a little after 1 p.m. and the thermostat in my car says 80-something. One thing I do remember about Warped Tour: it’s always hot, like it brings its own climate. more

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Only those with darkest hearts will not be touched by the orchestrated version of my favorite Beach Slang song, “Dirty Cigarettes.” Bring someone whose hand you can hold during this show, and maybe an extra pack of tissues. more

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I do enjoy the company of others, but it’s when you’re alone that you can make the best bad decisions and in these desperately social times, I think people forget this fact. more

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Everyone and their mother has tried a Long Island Iced Tea or a Jack and Coke; I wanted to find drinks that were a little more complex. Good news, fellow Cokeheads, because I found some. more

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Don’t forget the beer: The step toward becoming a good griller is barrelling through the self-doubt that keeps you from achieving your potential. Alcohol will allow you to do this. more

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Last year’s I Love You Like A Brother turned out to be one of my favorite albums of 2017 not only because it was catchy as hell, but it also displayed an emotional honesty that young artists rarely show. more

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