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Interpreting artwork as floral arrangements seems a bit like dancing about architecture. Representing the other-worldliness of a Salvador Dali painting with a bouquet of flowers is no easy feat, and yet, some of San Diego's most creative flor... Read more

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The San Diego Museum of Art (SDMA) recently laid off four employees.   CityBeat  heard rumors of the incident late last week and just confirmed the details this morning.  Look for a more complete piece in ... Read more


The San Diego Museum of Art is getting into the Halloween spirit a few weeks early with the kickoff of its ongoing event series Culture & Cocktails on Thursday, Oct. 4. For this installment, attendees are asked to dress as their favorite mo... Read more

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Ben Stiller brought a million kids' dreams to the screen with  Night at the Museum  in 2006. But, staying the night at a cultural institution isn't only a kid's fantasy-add lectures from controversy-stoking artists, quilters, installations,... Read more

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The San Diego Art Prize is an award given to emerging artists for creating work that sparks awe and excitement and thus brings the city recognition for its collective creativity. At the New Contemporaries V exhibition, which will open with ... Read more

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Organized by local artists, There Goes the Neighborhood promotes collaboration among artists, business owners, residents and activists and turns neighborhoods into "a fluid institution of creative production," according to the website. Read more

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