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Photo by David K. Cupp

The grass is always greener..., or so the saying goes. But that’s definitely not true of Vista’s long-running Summergrass Festival. It’s blue, baby. And it’s been that way from the beginning. Read more

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Timing really is everything. And for better or worse, singer/actress Alison Sudol has always been someone on the early side of things. Read more

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The Zeros are also back for more than just a short reunion this time. They have a new single, “In The Spotlight,” set for release on Spanish label Munster Records. Read more

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Phoot by Mary Kang

The Houston-born, now L.A.-based psych-funk trio’s non-traditional formula has landed them an appearance on Bonobo’s 2013-released Late Night Tales DJ mix and, more recently, the chance to open 20 dates of Leon Bridges’ upcoming world tour. Read more

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Throughout the album, her compositions maintain a sturdy foundation of beats, dressed up in a variety of seductive, smart and stylized atmospheres that highlight her impressive patience and knack for surprise. Read more

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When La Santa Cecilia got their start, half of the Latin roots quartet was busking on L.A.’s historic Olvera Street. Read more

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Photo by Ashley Maile

As part of the iconic punk rock class of ’77, first-wavers Stiff Little Fingers didn’t emerge in a scene where bands were expected to last long. Read more

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Photo by Erin Rambo

Nick Waterhouse resists. These days, that can mean a lot of things—particularly when it comes to politics. Read more

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Photo by Jessica McMillan

David Gedge isn’t at all familiar with Abingdon, Virginia. Yet that’s exactly where the man behind veteran UK jangle-pop outfit The Wedding Present was calling from to conduct an interview. Read more

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Photo by Lightbox Revelation

All he wanted was a Pepsi. Just one Pepsi! And his mom wouldn’t give it to him.It’s been 34 years since Mike Muir first sang that infamous request on Suicidal Tendencies’ self-titled debut. Read more

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Rollins does still take great interest in the democracy of America, and feels confident expounding on it each night, having experienced everything he talks about on stage first-hand. Read more

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Photo by Heather Hunter

"I make more songs than I can remember." Kool Keith isn't lying. The prolific Bronx-based rapper born Keith Thornton has at least 26 albums to his name. Read more

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Warpaint doesn't care what you think. Over the course of 12-plus years, the Los Angeles quartet has worked to refine their genre-busting brand of moody, atmospheric rock without a care for much outside of their own creative impulses. Read more

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Eric Howarth started his M-Theory record label in San Francisco after taking a self-imposed hiatus from band life. Following a tech job to San Diego, he re-appropriated his label's name and opened the Mission Hills (previously in South Park... Read more

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Photo courtesy of Jake Najor

This beloved veteran drummer is a longtime staple of the San Diego music scene. From his first gig opening for P.O.D. as part of a Christian hardcore band, to his ongoing role behind the kit for a multitude of local projects, Najor lets his... Read more

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Photo by Derrick Santini

In some parallel universe, Mekons are huge rock stars. They're worshiped for their legacy as first-wave Brit punks and adored for spending four decades evolving into something else entirely. Read more

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Too bad there's not a better way to say "wise beyond her years." Lucy Dacus deserves more. But it almost seems impossible to imagine anyone coming to a different conclusion after listening to the 21-year-old singer/songwriter's stunning deb... Read more

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Mosquito. That’s the name Chicago post-rock pioneers Tortoise went by at the beginning of their career. Not exactly an image that conjures the longevity and sturdiness that’s been synonymous with the genre-defying instrumental quintet for n... Read more

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Santi White is nearing the end of her proverbial rope. She's overworked, bone-tired and making a concerted effort not to burn out. But mostly, the artist known as Santigold is wondering just how long she can continue the energy and acuity n... Read more

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