Sex Issue 2017

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Photo courtesy of Shawn Alff

I picked Nicole and Debra off a line of tourists on a bar crawl, luring them in with offers of free champagne. Like me they were in their early 30s and they had only been in the city a few days. They were here on a “ladies’ trip.” Read more

Love and Sex Issue

Around page 64 in Valley of the Horses (because shit yes, I still remember the page) I read my first sex scene: tall, handsome Neanderthal Jondalar deflowers a young woman in her “first pleasures” ceremony. I was 12 and it blew my fucking mind. Read more

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Photo by Alex Zaragoza

When it comes to sex, I was a bit of a late bloomer. When my sexual awakening finally came, it came hard. And unlike a drunk dude’s dick, it remains hard. Read more

Love and Sex Issue

More and more, personal “camming” is the face of adult entertainment: sex-centric entrepreneurs rewriting the script for how to monetize their personas. Read more

Love and Sex Issue