Sex Issue 2018


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Karras has just released The Passionate High, a guide to using cannabis for improving sexual intimacy between partners. Read more

Love and Sex Issue

In an industry that has a reputation for exploitation and nefarious practices, Hughes is a grounding force, ultimately doing her part to keep women safe. Read more

Love and Sex Issue


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Every fetish has a home. Whether it’s stygiophilia—arousal at the thought of hellfire and eternal damnation—or just a good ol’ fashioned leather fetish, somewhere, someone else is down with it. Read more

Love and Sex Issue

Nothing says love like weed, Tide Pods and Steve Bannon Read more

Love and Sex Issue


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Over the years I’ve found that instead of struggling for a last minute reservation at the typical “romantic” bistro, there are some under-the-radar places (some don’t even take reservations) that are a better option. Read more

Love and Sex Issue


Photo courtesy of Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo

“Why don’t we do the 60 days of sex challenge?” Tony DiLorenzo remembers asking his wife, Alisa, 10 years ago in their Poway home. Read more

Love and Sex Issue