Sex Issue 2019

Nothing says love like Bird scooters, Stephen Miller and racist MAGA kids Read more

Love and Sex Issue


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Welcome to Emo Nite San Diego, one of the many local club nights devoted to playing the somewhat obscure subgenre of indie-rock. All around me, young people are mulling about. Read more

Love and Sex Issue


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For stoners looking to get off the couch and into the world come date night, cannabis-infused dinners are an excellent idea. Read more


Scene building in the BDSM community is not about developing relatable characters with a full narrative arc ahead of them. It’s laying out expectations, boundaries and, most importantly, consent. Read more

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I’m not saying porn will ever stop being titillating, but can it ever really feel new? Augmented reality (AR) porn seems to be the industry’s answer to this conundrum (cumundrum? Sorry.). Read more

Love and Sex Issue


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Dancers have been traditionally paid as independent contractors by clubs. However, a California Supreme Court decision in a civil lawsuit has inadvertently set a new standard for whether or not certain workers can be paid as independent contractors. Read more

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From the jump, Genitorturers were a DIY juggernaut. They practiced in the basement of a campus chapel, thanks to a cool professor who gave them the key. Read more

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Using cannabis to enhance one’s sexual experience isn’t a new concept, but there sure are plenty of new products on the market to help people get down. Read more