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Photo courtesy of the artist

Women have made huge strides in what has historically been a male-dominated music scene. No matter the genre—from punk and country to rock and pop—females don't have much left to prove. Read more

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Image courtesy of the artist

In visual art, the line is everything. It starts and completes the piece, and it intersects and interweaves all that is within. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Let’s Frolic Together

Halloween is over and the election is done, which can only mean that (oh, dear God!) it's time for the holiday season and all the soul-sucking, spirit-crushing materialism that comes with it. Read more

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Photo courtesy of San Diego Opera

The soldier is a fixture in opera. Whether it's Bernd Zimmermann's epic Die Soldaten or better-known productions such as Carmen and Turandot , a military presence is often a larger part of the story, more than just background dressing. Read more

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Photo by Art San Diego

"The intention was to pair international artists and galleries with the local scene to show people that our scene does stand out," Berchtold says. Read more

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Maybe it's our puritanical past, or just an innate desire to turn any random holiday into an excuse to dress up and get blitzed, but no country does Halloween like America. Read more

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Photo by Brandi Sebastian

These days, everyone is a photographer. When we did our annual Photo Contest earlier this year, it marked the first time we chose more Instagram photos than professional, fine art photography. Read more

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Photos by Emily Corkery

We’ve long been proponents and promoters of a simple philosophy: San Diegans need to buy more art from local artists. End of story. Mic drop. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Society for Design Administration

The month-long Archtoberfest kicked off this past weekend with a cool party and a tour of the North Park business district. Read more

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Photo by Ursa Waz

The polls are looking a little bleak lately. Trump's numbers are rising in key swing states, and if you're a liberal, you've probably Googled "moving to Canada" once or twice over the last few weeks. Read more

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Photo Geoff Moore

Few book titles are as encapsulating as Keith Morris' new biography, My Damage: The Story of a Punk Rock Survivor (Da Capo Press). Read more

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Photo courtesy of truTV / F. Scott Schafer

Adam Conover is the ultimate contrarian. As the host of the popular truTV and web series, Adam Ruins Everything , he admits that he's the type of guy who'll show up to a party, hear a lighthearted conversation about the Oscars and immediate... Read more

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Image courtesy of the artist

Even in the age of Instagram and ubiquitous sunset photos, great nature photography is still something to behold. Read more

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Photo by Green Flash Brewing/Aaron Grossman (GFMarketing)

As KPBS and the San Diego County Library continue to roll out their excellent selections for the program, we at feel every day is a good day to support local writers and authors. Read more

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Photo courtesy of the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

Jason Latimer isn't your average illusionist. Sure, the guy's a consummate showman, but not in that Gob from Arrested Development kinda way. Read more

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For nearly five years, Tecture has been at the cutting edge of local design and fabrication. The Barrio Logan based company (they prefer to be known as a collective) has an extensive and varied list of clients, including George's at the Cov... Read more

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Photo courtesy of Eclipse Chocolate Bar & Bistro

The Living Coast Discovery Center (1000 Gunpowder Point Drive) in Chula Vista. Nestled in the bayside Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge since 1987, the center is dedicated to education and sustainability and provides educational, ha... Read more

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Photo courtesy of HarperCollins

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Image courtesy of the Cheech Marin Collection

Look here, if you don't have a badge or just have an "I can't even" attitude toward Comic-Con, don't fret. Read more

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Photo courtesy of San Diego Pride

"Given the recent events in Orlando, now is the time more than ever to come out, celebrate and be proud," says San Diego LGBT Pride Public Relations Manager Alex Villafuerte. "To celebrate our accomplishments and progress, and also have som... Read more

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