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Certainly in Spin Cycle’s lifetime, you would be hard pressed to find an election season as angstridden, sound-bit and crap-filled as the current model. If our elected leaders of tomorrow are truly a reflection of society, then society is h... Read more

Spin Cycle

Stephen Keyes seems to be clueless as to what Kaepernick’s actions are for [Letters, Sept. 21]. Black people are not asking for a perfect society; just respect of life would be sufficient! As far as disrespecting the ideal of our society, t... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Regarding kneeling during the National Anthem [Keeping Kaepernick in the headlines, Sept. 14]: The American flag and the National Anthem don’t represent perfection in our society—that’s an impossibility—only the agreedupon desire that we al... Read more

Letters to the Editor