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At the press conference, Sanders alluded to concerns that remain about the initiative. “No ballot is ever perfect,” he said, adding that “considerations” the team should address include the “long-term security of the Tourism Marketing Distr... Read more

Spin Cycle

In one formidable corner: Mayor Kevin Faulconer, County Supervisor Ron Roberts and the hoteliers who want a contiguous, bayfront convention center expansion. And in the other corner: San Diego Chargers owner Dean Spanos and JMI Realty (unde... Read more

From the Editor

It is possible to construct a new stadium in San Diego with no new costs to the city [“Deano Spanos’ lameduck Chargers,” Feb. 3]. Read more

Letters to the Editor

Disregard the rose-colored cheerleading from local media. Having a lame duck team play in Qualcomm Stadium this year with a looming departure to Los Angeles is the bad scenario we’re facing. Read more

From the Editor

Yep, it would seem pathetic if not true, but the Boltin’ Bolts of L.A. Dream$ have landed back in their old haunts, at least for the 2016 season. Read more

Spin Cycle