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While San Diego’s original barcade, Coin-Op, headed north to San Francisco and Sacramento recently, it’s returning to launch in the Gaslamp Quarter at the corner of 6th and F Streets. more

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On Monday, the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations [AFL-CIO] took control of the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, subsequently kicking out its president, Mickey Kasparian, as well as other leaders. more

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This year, Booty Bassment turns 15, becoming one of San Diego’s longest-running themed nights, if not the longest-running. more

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"Darrell Issa, you’ve got to oversee. You need to check and balance him, before it’s World War III,” sang more than 300 people to the tune of “Oh! Susanna” outside District 49 Rep. Darrell Issa’s Vista office on April 18. more

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“In today’s age, building social currency is probably the most important investment companies can make to create value for themselves,” according to brand strategy firm Vivaldi Partners. more

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In 2015, women made up 36 percent of leadership positions in the cannabis market, toppling the 22 percent national average for women in senior management positions in all other industries, according to Pew Research Center. more

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Analog modular synthesizers are pushing aside digital synthesizers, providing a tactile landscape for those uninspired by computerized presets, says John Noble. more

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Today, Barrio Logan holds tight to its foundations and wards off gentrification by prioritizing small, independently owned businesses that cater to the residents. more

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At this point, most readers are woke enough to know that a headdress is unacceptable music festival fashion. more

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By flip-flopping on his stances, failing to provide concise explanations and hushing an anguished crowd, Issa’s stroke of centrism lacked the unity his incumbency relies on. more

Mar 15, 2017 12:17 PM Opinion


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By way of Senate Bill 384, partying now has bi-partisan support. San Francisco Democratic state Sen. Scott Wiener has reintroduced the concept of extending California’s alcohol-serving hours until 4 a.m. more

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While the area continues to change almost as much as the name of the Sports Arena, coastal preservation, top-notch seafood and all those adult stores are staying. more

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Googling Lee K doesn’t go far. She’s not on Spotify, and her bio tab is blank on the electronic music website Resident Advisor. A 150-word description on her Insomniac page is the longest narrative around, and it’s scant on details. more

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"Right now, I know I have problems, but I’m afraid of actually finding out how bad they really are,” said William Zeller, a 33-year-old active-duty Navy servicemember living in San Diego. more

Feb 22, 2017 10:52 AM News 2 Comments

Starting in August, legendary black hole of a nightclub The Brass Rail began a remodel that finished up the first week of February. more

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After shootings scathed Orlando’s Pulse in June, Istanbul’s Reina on New Year’s Eve and Playa Del Carmen’s Blue Parrot earlier this month, discussions about armed security have been stirring in the nightlife industry. more

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Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s life in all its triumph and all its torture exemplifies the longstanding notion that an artist must suffer. more

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Fifteen miles inland, El Cajon isn’t one of those up-and-coming hotspots that remains undiscovered. Its appeal lies in its gritty suburbia feel that relies more on hole-in-the-wall restaurants and corporate chains, with a little in between. more

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On Dec. 15, Facebook announced that “It’s a fake news story” would be an additional option to report posts on a sample size of U.S. accounts. more

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