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"I think El Dorado is just one of those places that you want to go to, even if you don’t necessarily want to drink. You just want to be around other people that you know,” says Reese Honse, general manager of El Dorado (1030 Broadway). more

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In June, CityBeat broke news that the beloved Aero Club (3365 India St.) was closing, after discovering the property was listed for sale on LoopNet and speaking with then-Aero Club owner Bill Lutzius. more

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Five years ago, in October 2013, Noble began Fully Patched, a monthly series at Kava Lounge where this other world of non-beat-driven electronic music could come alive. more

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Here is a schedule of hand-selected, electronic-music-driven events for those who want to keep wearing their costumes. more

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As CRSSD grows, so does the demand for alternatives. more

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"As an appreciator of music, I kind of want to know how much of this is being made from scratch, and how much of it is pre-sequenced?” says Jesse Karras, when asked about seeing live DJ performances. more

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“I think having somebody like myself come in and show that I can do it, and that I should be taken seriously means that they can expect the next girl to be able to come in and do the same thing.” more

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Raw veganism consists of eating mostly or completely raw, organic, unprocessed foods. That means raw foodists don’t cook at temperatures higher than roughly 115 degrees Fahrenheit. more

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Wilde and her partner, Alexia Arani, began Love Affair, a new monthly night at Whistle Stop catered toward transgender and gender fluid people more

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The Special Collections Department is making a big move to the first floor of the Love Library, a central and heavily trafficked space. more

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Even if attending the actual Con isn’t in the cards, there are plenty of after-parties for readers to get their geek on. more

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UNITE! Music Festival

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From Friday through Sunday, there will be plenty of late-night Pride parties for revelers of all stripes. more

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As of last week, at least eight governors had recalled the National Guard troops the Trump administration had requested at the border. more

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When Mesheeka Gallery owner Manuel Basabe’s mentor, famed Chicano artist Salvador Torres, first suggested he hold a phallus-themed art show, Basabe was naturally hesitant. more

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Within the past year, however, experiential art has become a whole other beast, and increasingly one that’s liberal in its designation as art. more


Last week marked another chapter in the years-long debate over short-term vacation rentals (STVR), including online sites such as Airbnb and VRBO, in San Diego. more

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Nu Moods was created to give closet musicians, such as the man in purple, a chance to collaborate with five base musicians, including local vocalist Lexi Pulido, who also curates Nu Moods. more

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There are two plant-based flavor agents that court the craft cocktail scene: bitters and shrubs. Most drinkers are familiar with bitters, a long-time staple of traditional cocktails such as Old Fashioneds, Moscow Mules, Manhattans and Sazeracs. more

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Since caravans of immigrants arrived at the San Diego-Tijuana border early last month, conditions have worsened both on the ground and in policy. more

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On May 17, San Diego County released its latest Point In Time Count (PITC), reporting that countywide homelessness was down six percent from last year. But the count omitted people living in RVs. more

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